In the memory of Vladimir Alexandrovich Grabaurov

Vladimir Alexandrovich Grabaurov has passed away. He was a very nice, kind person, a man of wide sympathies. I knew Vladimir Alexandrovich not so long, three years only. We met at the project Be-Safe as coordinators of the project: he was the coordinator from Belarusian National Technical University, and I was the coordinator from Brest State Technical University. We met each other many times, but mainly all these meetings were business meetings, as well as our correspondence via e-mail was a business one. I got to know him better during our joint visits to Italy, Greece and Great Britain. He was a highly erudite man with whom you can talk on any topic, and most of all I liked to listen to him. He was well versed in music, painting, and he knew a lot especially from the history of the ancient world. He also loved to travel.

Vladimir Alexandrovich was a prominent scientist. He graduated from Rostov Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Rostov University, majoring in radio physics. The range of his scientific interests was very wide, as he was a great scholar. He conducted research in biology and engineering, economic cybernetics, project management, etc. Recently, he developed issues related to intelligent transport systems, and was the leading scientist of Belarus in this direction. We will remember Vladimir Alexandrovich in our hearts forever as a bright and kindhearted person. 

Vasily Shut, coordinator from Brest of the project Be-Safe 


International Conference in Brest

We would to announce the 1 International Conference of Intelligent transport systems (BeSafe-2016). Conference will be held from 25 to 28 May 2016 in Brest, Belarus.


Meeting in Gomel

We would like to invite all people interested in Road Safety to Gomel. 15-16 March BeSafe Meeting will be held at Belarusian State University of Transport.


Local Academics visiting EU Universities

In order to support local Academics in defining and delivering a road safety Master, a "train the trainer" action will be delivered based on knowledge exchange during EU Universities visits.