WP3 - Dissemination and Information Activities

WP3 Relates to the dissemination and the promotion of the Master's among Belarusian students and raising awareness on road safety in the Belarusian Society at large. A first group of web-based activities are: project web page, project Facebook page and project newsletter. To launch the Master's registrations two activities are foreseen: short presentations made in the classrooms by Local Academics and “Open days”, one for each Local University, organized with the aim to launch the Master's and their registrations and to provide the interested students with all relevant information about Master's.

Four conferences will be held (one in each Local University). These conferences aim on the one hand at disseminating the Master's for the new registrations showing the results of the 1st year and on the other hand at raising awareness of road safety involving policy makers and society at large.

A final conference will be organized after the results of the project are presented to the society in full. Students, academics and all interested organizations that are in some way involved in road safety will be invited to this conference.