WP4 - Exploitation

  • WP4 aims to provide results that will last over the project duration and beyond such as:
  • official network of road safety stakeholders, 
    setup of a Belarusian road safety observatory, 
    formal accreditation of the Master's programme by the Ministry of Education, 
    implementation of road safety measures adapted to local conditions, such as a Decision Support System for planning, managing and designing road safety for the City of Minsk.

    The operation activities starts with the setup of a permanent network of local road safety stakeholders such as: Universities, public and private bodies and NGOs. This network will be extended aiming at progressive covering of the whole country. The project is also seeking to involve the Belarus media in the dissemination of this activity to ensure widespread exposure of the project to the population of Belarus as a whole.
    A second group of operation activities aims to link Belarus Universities with the European research network and community and to launch a Road Safety Observatory within Belarus itself.
  • An important operation activity is the adaptation of measures to improve road safety to the local conditions involving the Master's students. A Decision Support System for road safety for the City of Minsk will be developed. This software will be one of the major outputs of the project and will help to showcase to policy makers and stakeholders at large the importance of research and international cooperation on road safety.
    In addition, practical outputs of the project will include feasibility studies examining the potential of implementations of the road safety measures adapted to the local needs and conditions. These activities will also be carried out by the local students with the support of Local and EU Academics.