Description & Objectives

An analysis carried out in cooperation with Belarusian Universities and local stakeholders some years ago highlighted that there is a need to strengthen the role of research to start managing road safety policy on an evidence-base. For this reason the Be-Safe project aims at transferring to Belarus the most recent knowledge and good practices developed in Europe in the field of road safety. Local Universities are naturally the key actors to start this process. 

Starting from these concepts and knowledge developed within the European Road Safety Observatory, Be-Safe aims to:

Developing and testing in Belarus two 1st level University Masters (60 ECTS) according to the Bologna process standards, one for Engineering faculties and one for Economics faculties.
Train the Trainer”, i.e. supporting Belarusian Academics in defining and delivering the Masters.
Providing each Belarusian University, partner of the project with a laboratory dedicated to road safety.
Disseminating through the newsletters, events, workshops and seminars the importance of research on road safety.
Setting up a national coordinated network of Universities, public bodies, private companies and NGOs on road safety.
Involving Belarusian Universities in the wider European network of research centers on road safety.


These aims are achieved thanks to a mix of activities such as: education, training, conferences and public events, web based dissemination activities and exploitation activities. 

They address: Academics, Public bodies, private companies, Population at large and NGOs.