WP1 - Set up of Masters and laboratories

Starting from local needs and conditions and from international most relevant experiences, the Master's curricula are set up by Local Universities with the support of the EU Universities. These activities also include academic exchanges and a setup of road safety laboratories in the Belarusian Universities.


WP1 starts with User Needs Analysis (UNA) to understand the needs in terms of research on road safety in Belarus. A short review of the main topics, methodologies and tools addressed to the different courses on road safety at local and international level is also carried out.
Based on the UNA, two Master's curricula are drafted, one for the Technical universities and one for the Economics universities. The Master's curricula include teaching and drafting of a small thesis by the students with the tutoring of Local Academics.


Once finalized the curricula, a “Train the trainer” phase will follow. The EU Universities support the Belarusian Universities in defining the classes and the related material for one or more topics. A selected group of Academics will spend approximately one month in each EU University and will be supported in preparing the materials for the classes. During this period, visits will be made to institutional bodies involved in road safety in order to provide a wider picture of how road safety is managed at the Universities of EU countries.
Alongside with setting up of the Master's courses, four road safety laboratories are being set up, one for each Local University involved.