WP2 - Delivery of the Masters

WP2 includes the Master's delivery, for 2 years, and the review of the Master's results in order to improve the curricula. During this period the project will support academic and student exchanges between Local Universities and EU Universities. 

The EU Academics will visit the Local Universities to monitor the courses’ progress and to support their delivery with special sessions in English on specific topics defined during a setup of the courses. These seminars or workshops will be public and also a part of the operational activities.
A web-tutoring to Local Academics by the EU is foreseen. Local Academics will be able to ask for remote support to EU Academics in order to clarify any potential scientific and technical problem.
An English course will be provided to students, in order to support general internationalization and research.

  • At the end of the Master's, the students will undertake a final examination based on three aspects:
    Knowledge of Master's subjects
    Small quality thesis
    English language

According to final examination results, 20 students (5 for each Local University) will visit the EU Universities for a period up to one month to carry out further training activities. During these weeks there will be visits to companies and institutional bodies involved in road safety.